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How Well Do Robotics Vacuum Cleaners Work?

by SV - CarpetCleaning

Posted on 29 Mar, 2017

Everywhere you look now people are embracing technology and looking to replace something that was normally done by a person.  You can say the same for even carpet cleaning.  Robots are taking over vacuuming and replacing humans.  But can carpet cleaning really be that simple? Carpet cleaning by a professional team has always been the highest standard for a quality clean. However, lately several companies have put small robots that automatically vacuum the floor on the market. These robots are poised to replace carpet cleanings, at least in part, because they can theoretically maintain a clean carpet at low cost and with little effort. However, in this post we will explain that these gadgets cannot be a substitute for a real carpet cleaning. They are unwieldy, do not perform as well as they need to, and are insufficient for real cleaning.

Starting from the first point, vacuuming robots are not easy to use. Most of them are small and round, about a foot in diameter. Their small size means it takes them a considerable amount of time to vacuum an entire room, and their batteries are not large enough to permit them to spend much time actually working. They have to return to their charging stations frequently. All of this adds up to mean that these robots simply cannot keep up with the normal accumulation of dirt, dust, and other particulates on a carpet. They cannot carry enough battery power on board to make circuits around the room with a high enough frequency. As if that was not enough, these machines also face difficulty in cleaning open areas and in picking up bigger clumps.

A common tactic for telling the machine where to clean is to use invisible laser walls or some other boundary marker. This keeps the robot in a certain space, so that it can maintain that area without falling too far behind due to battery life and cleaning speed. This however, all but guarantees that each robot can only cover a small part of the house. Considering the expense of these robots, it is hard to justify the investment that it would take for a whole house, or even just a floor, to stay clean using cleaning robots. On top of that, the performance of these robots is somewhat lacking. Many of them fail to pick up the bigger collections of pet hair, dust balls, dropped food pieces, and other large chunks that would pose no challenge to a standing vacuum cleaner. What’s more, the robots sometimes get clogged trying to pick up anything larger than the smallest bits. That means they will sit at their charger station waiting for you, not getting anything done. The bottom line is that it is not possible to keep a house tidy using robots alone. You will need to do some extra work yourself to make sure that it is in the shape you want, such as sweeping and vacuuming.

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