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How to make your carpet dry

by SV - CarpetCleaning

Posted on 16 Jan, 2017

After the cleaning your carpet will be damp. Please follow some conditions and it will get dry quick!
1) Close all windows and doors and switch AC on 65 F - (Summer Time, when it is humid outside)
2) Open all windows and turn OFF Heat ( Winter time)
After the Steam cleaning It will get dry in about 3-4 hours
After the Deep cleaning It will get dry in about 10-12 hours.
BE careful wet carpet gets dirty easily, to avoid this:

- DO NOT WALK on it (in exceptional cases - make sure that your soles 
are clean)

- do not let your pets walk on the wet carpet as well.

- make sure, that your carpet or rug is COMPLETELY DRY before placing your FURNITURE back.
The technician will go over this information before he will begin the job.

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