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We are Licensed and Insured company with serious workers only. Our company provides high quality carpet, area rug and upholstery cleaning.We guarantee reliable, professional and nice service.

Carpet and area rug cleaning
Carpet and area rug cleaning

According to the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration ( IICRC), all carpets should be cleaned at least once a year. Households with pets, smokers, children and heavy amount of foot traffic should have their carpets professionally cleaned two or four times each year.

We do two types of carpet cleaning steam and deep carpet cleaning :

1)Steam cleaning - refresh carpet. Pick up dust, allergens and pet hairs. Might remove some light stains;

2)Deep Cleaning - dealing with the Traffic area and removing most of the stains and spots ( not making carpet brand new).

After the cleaning your carpet will be damp. Please follow some conditions and it will get dry quick!
1) Close all windows and doors and switch AC on 65 F - (Summer Time, when it is humid outside)
2) Open all windows and turn OFF Heat ( Winter time)
After the Steam cleaning It will get dry in about 3-4 hours
After the Deep cleaning It will get dry in about 10-12 hours.
BE careful wet carpet gets dirty easily, to avoid this:

- DO NOT WALK on it (in exceptional cases - make sure that your soles
are clean)

- do not let your pets walk on the wet carpet as well.

- make sure, that your carpet or rug is COMPLETE DRY before placing your FURNITURE back.
The technician will go over this information before he will begin the job.

Natural stone/Tile and grout cleaning
Natural stone/Tile and grout cleaning

Tile Cleaning service will safely get Natural stones / ceramic and porcelain tiled surfaces sparkling again!
Grout, which is a porous material, collects dirt, grime and spills. Regular mopping don’t reach the hidden dirt that lies deep within the pores of your grout lines.
Once again grout is a porous material,that can absorb soil and spills, just like carpet. After it is clean you can add a finishing coat of seal or color seal, which protects your grout. It also ensures that future tile and grout cleanings yield the best possible results.

To make the job easy for you and for us please follow this steps

Step 1: Remove everything from the floor

Remove rugs, mats and some other objects like shoos or toys from the floor. Make sure that the technician have easy and clear access to the entire floor.
Step 2: Please move all the futniture (kitchen tables, chairs, etc) over the area being cleaned

Step 3: Give the floor quick sweep to remove dust, loose dirt and some pieces of food.

Step 4: Leave for us some clear spase to manuver with the equipment in the hallways

Upholstery Cleaning
Upholstery Cleaning

Up to 75% of the dust and dirt brought into the home can settle into upholstered furniture. You can minimize your allergic reactions by cleaning your upholstery every 12 to 24 months. And also many manufacturers recommend regular professional upholstery cleaning to keep your furniture clean and nice.

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